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Fish Weight Calculator

Fish Weight Calculator
Did you know My Bait Shop has it's own Fish Weight Calculator?  Well we do.  I've always loved these tools and I'm somewhat of a numbers geek besides being a fishing geek.  I've used lots of different tools in the past and always wanted to create one myself.  Even as a kid I remember those paper ones that you would get at tackle shops that you would line up with a ruler to compare length and girth to estimate pounds.  Click "Read More" to continue.

Welcome Lure Lore to the My Bait Shop Family!

Lure LoreWe couldn't be more excited to announce that we have just completed the transaction to add Lure Lore to the My Bait Shop family.  Lure Lore ( has been around since 1997 and was one of the very first tackle collecting websites.  It focused on providing in-depth lure specific historic information.  In addition to their famous Lure Lore articles the website also includes a comprehensive Heddon color and numeric archive as well as a virtual treasure trove of additional historic information.

We are excited to be able to help preserve this history and carry it forward to the next generation of lure collectors.  Over time you will see us update My Bait Shop with Lure Lore "Read More" to continue 

A Shout Out to Our Own Pro Angler John Holtz

My Bait Shop Angler John Holtz in Bassmaster Magazine

Did you happen to see the article on John yesterday?  If not check it out as featured on the front page of  It is titled "Daily Limit:  Fan of fishing personalities".  Should also be in next months issue.  We couldn't be prouder of John and the story.....Click "Read More" to continue.

Welcome LJ Fishing to the My Bait Shop Team!

Welcome LJ Fishing to the My Bait Shop Team!

We are excited to welcome LJ Fishing to the My Bait Shop Team!  LJ Fishing will be part of our Pro Fisherman Partners as we support them on the 2019 tournament trail.  

LJ Fishing, Larry Patterson and John Holtz, is a bass fishing team on the Kansas tournament trail.  They finished in the top 15 of the East Kansas Bassmasters in 2018 and were 10th place in 2017 for Rookie Team of the year on the Kansas Team Trail.  As we mentioned we are very excited to be partnering with them throughout the entire 2019 campaign.

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