Here are some of the most common questions we receive.  If you do not see your question and answer here, drop us an email from our contact page.

Is there a guarantee?  Yes, 100%.  We guarantee you will like your product or you can return it within 7 days for a full refund.  We just ask that you pay for return shipping. There are no restocking fees.

Are you a retailer?  No.  We are not a retailer.  We are collectors of old fishing lures and a fishing family.  What you see for sale on this page is the extras we find when we buy and trade lures.

Are these lures new?  No.  All of these lures for sale we found somewhere.  It could have been a garage sale, auction, online, old tackle boxes etc.  While all of these lures are used, some are what we call "new old stock". These lures are older but have never been used and may come in their original packaging.

How many of each lure do you have?  Most of the items for sale on this page are just a single item.  There are times however when we come across a supply of older lures that are identical old stock and will offer more than one for sale.  As our inventory is sold it is marked as such or removed from the site.

How can you sell some of these lures cheaper than the big box stores?  This is easy. We are not a retailer.  We go out and find these old lures in large volumes and buy for our collection. What we don't collect, we sell.  This allows our price points to be much lower.

How often is new stock added?  Almost daily.  We have a huge supply of lures and tackle to add.

How big is your inventory?  I would guess around 20,000 lures at any given time.  If you are looking for something you don't see for sale, email us and ask.

What is a "Warrior"?  The term Warrior is used to describe an old lure that has been through the battles.  These are lures that show wear and marks from fish and general use.  While not the prettiest to look at these lures can be added to a retro display or better yet take them fishing.  After all they got this way for a reason... they catch fish!

Do you sell on Ebay?  Yes, we have sold on Ebay since 1998 off and on.  Our seller ID is mybaitshop.

What is the NFLCC?  This is the National Fishing Lures Collectors Club.  We are a member.  If you are new to collecting old lures, check them out and join.  A link can be found in our Resources section.