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Fish Weight Calculator

Fish Weight Calculator
Did you know My Bait Shop has it's own Fish Weight Calculator?  Well we do.  I've always loved these tools and I'm somewhat of a numbers geek besides being a fishing geek.  I've used lots of different tools in the past and always wanted to create one myself.  Even as a kid I remember those paper ones that you would get at tackle shops that you would line up with a ruler to compare length and girth to estimate pounds.  Click "Read More" to continue.

Lure Lore: AR-BE Reel Brake

AR-BE Reel Brake
Ah, the good old days when an angler knew he had become a true fisherman by successfully unsnarling his first backlash in the dark! For many today, the experience of a backlashed reel will never be known since advanced technology in casting reel design, not to mention the use of spin casters has pretty much eliminated this once-common problem.
Back in the days of the early casters, however, the backlash could put an end to an evening of fishing, particularly for the younger novice fisherman whose casting techniques were not as polished as that of a more experienced angler.  Click "Read More" to continue.

L & S Bait Company: Opaque Eyes

In this episode of My Bait Shop Minutes we discuss the the L & S Bait Company and take a look at some of their Bass Master lures.  We review the what painted or opaque eyes, as collectors call them, are and when they were transitioned out.  We compare opaque to the new life-like eyes that appeared starting in 1950 and show you how to tell the difference.  Check out the video below in this blog post by clicking "Read More" to continue.

L & S Opaque Eyes


Bomber Baits 101: Wood or Plastic

We have started a new section of My Bait Shop that we are calling My Bait Shop Minutes.  These are going to be short video segments that will be a minute or minutes long and focus on one small item of a specific lure, lure company, or aspect of lure collecting.  The first episode is a short video that examines how you can tell the difference a vintage wooden or plastic Bomber Bait.  Check out the video below in this blog post by clicking "Read More" to continue.

My Bait Shop Minutes Episode 1

Lure Lore: C.C. Roberts Mud Puppy

C.C. Roberts Mud Puppy

The C.C. Roberts Bait Company of Mosinee, Wisconsin, is the oldest continuous manufacturer of wood baits and is still making lures today. Maybe that is due in part to the fact that Roberts only made two lures for commercial use, the Mudpuppy and the Puppette. The Mudpuppy came in two lengths, 7" and 5-1/2". There are a fair amount of variations in the lengths of these lures due to the fact that in the early years, they were hand-carved.

The early versions of the Mudpuppy was cut down the middle, allowing the tail portion to rotate. Later versions were cut different, with the tail portion being only about 1/3 of the total length of the lure.  Click "Read More" to continue.

Lure Lore: Vaughn's Lure

Vaughn's Lure

Vaughn's Lure

This wooden body lure was manufactured in the early 1940's by Vaughn's Tackle Company of Cheboygan, Michigan, and has a rotating head with three flutes of varying colors. The head rotates on a shaft which is screwed into the body. A small washer separates the rotating head and body.  Click "Read More" to continue.

20 Vintage Heddon Fishing Lures Worth A Fortune

20 Vintage Heddon Fishing Lures Worth a FortuneHave you seen our latest article?  It's titled "20 Vintage Heddon Fishing Lures Worth A Fortune" and I had a blast writing it.  Heddon is one of the most collected companies of vintage fishing lures and for good reason.  They are certainly one of the giants of early fishing lures starting in 1894.  They stayed in business independently in Dowagiac, Michigan until 1984.  They are now part of Pradco and still have lures produced.  The early ones though before the move out of Dowagiac are the ones that really generate interest from collectors.  Below is just a small sample of the article.  A link to the full article is at the end.  Click "Read More" to continue.

Lure Lore: Bear Creek Tweedler

Bear Creek Tweedler
Bear Creek Tweedler
The Bear Creek Tweedler was made by the Bear Creek Bait Company out of Kaleva, Michigan beginning in the very late 1940's.    It was one of three lures produced by this company from the 1940's until the 1970's as well as a line of fish decoys called "Ice King." The Bear Creek Tweedler was originally a wood bait "Read More" to continue

Welcome Lure Lore to the My Bait Shop Family!

Lure LoreWe couldn't be more excited to announce that we have just completed the transaction to add Lure Lore to the My Bait Shop family.  Lure Lore ( has been around since 1997 and was one of the very first tackle collecting websites.  It focused on providing in-depth lure specific historic information.  In addition to their famous Lure Lore articles the website also includes a comprehensive Heddon color and numeric archive as well as a virtual treasure trove of additional historic information.

We are excited to be able to help preserve this history and carry it forward to the next generation of lure collectors.  Over time you will see us update My Bait Shop with Lure Lore "Read More" to continue 

Happy Holidays and End of Year Wrap from John Holtz

MoBassFishin' SoloPro

Hey all! John Holtz, My Bait Shop Pro-staffer, and man on a mission to catch AS many fish as I can before the lid goes on!  My goodness gracious it has been a productive fall!  I think I have caught more big fish this fall, than I ever have!  I have got to give credit where credit is due, the variety of lures that I have been throwing thanks to My Bait Shop is the reason for this season… If ya know what I mean!?  But in all seriousness, as the end of 2019 grows near, I am thankful, I am humbled by the outpouring of support, and I am so excited for things to come!

2019 saw a very solid tournament year, despite crazy weather, high water, and general horrid fishing conditions throughout the Midwest...Click "Read More" to continue.

Lure Mysteries Episode 5: "A Case of Musky Fever"

Lure Mysteries Episode 5:  "A Case of Musky Fever"
Webster's dictionary defines "Musky Fever" as: "a serious and sometimes fatal medical condition in which the frontal lobe of the brain swells and sends impulses to the body focusing on the singular purpose of pursuing the Esox masquinongy, commonly referred to as a muskellunge or musky.  This condition is usually more prevalent in males but not exclusively and tends to be more common in men over age 40.  Risk factors include owning too much fishing gear, weekend fishing in states such as Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan and some Canadian provinces.  Despite much research there currently is no cure for this condition.  Treatment plans include...Click "Read More" to continue.

Lure Mysteries Episode 4: "A Modern Indent Should Hold the Clue"

Lure Mysteries 4:  "A Modern Indent Should Hold the Clue"

For this episode of Lure Mysteries we are going in a little different direction.  So far none of the previous lures have been identified and I am almost positive today's lures will be solved by someone out there fairly quick.  Heck I might even remember the identity of these lures myself.  I feel like the name is on the tip of my tongue but after several days, I give up so I present them to you....Click "Read More" to continue.

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