R.C. Lures (Musky Lures), Zelienople, PA

One of my favorite things about collecting fishing lures is trying to solve the mysteries that present themselves.  With the age of the internet the mysteries are easier to solve but still out there.  In a recent purchase we acquired two real nice musky lures with the words "R.C. Lures" written on them.  We reached out to the musky fishing community and asked for help but couldn't find anyone that knew about this bait.  We searched all our books and nothing.  Well recently we were able to finally find one online that had some information.  First here is a photo of the lures we purchased and are now for sale:

R.C. Lures

Here is what we found from an Ebay sale (finally a match!):

RC Lures

and a closer look at that label:

RC Lures Product Label

Now we know the maker was:

Ralph Baker, 2077 Rt 68, Zelienople, PA 16063 and they had a website.

Well we had to immediately go to that website, RCMUSKIELURES.COM, but it was no longer in business.  Still looking for more information I went to the Internet Way Back Machine and discovered that the website was active from March 26, 2004 - February 8, 2005.  Well that was a short lived venture.  Unfortunately no images of the website were saved.  

As for the lures they really appear very well constructed.  Who knows why the venture didn't last long.  We see this a lot with musky lures, great quality but limited runs.  Well at least we now know who was behind RC Lures.  Take a look a the two lures we have for sale here:

RC Lures Jailbird Color

RC Lures Black Sparkles Color

If you have any other information on this company, please drop me an email or feel free to share in the comments below.  Hopefully this helps someone else some day as well.



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