Time on the Water by Bill Gardner

Time on the Water by Bill Gardner "One Man's Quest for the Ultimate Musky" Book

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Time on the Water by Bill Gardner "One Man's Quest for the Ultimate Musky" Book.  One of my all time favorite fishing books here.  Great easy read that mixes in some great story telling and some humor about the passion we all share about fishing and musky fishing.  Book is used and a out of print copyright 1982 edition (only edition I believe).  Overall very good condition on the book.  This one is a tough book to find and routinely sells for over $100.  Grab it while you can.  206 pages.  Paperback.

"Bill Gardner was stuck in traffic one day on his way to work in Los Angeles when the obvious thought occurred to him.

Why not quit his job and move his wife, 2-year-old daughter and two dogs to the northwoods of Wisconsin to pursue the large, toothy and mostly mythical muskellunge, the fish of his dreams? No more traffic jams, no more smog, and who cares about a paycheck?

Casting the real world aside, Gardner followed that dream, uprooting his family and renting a cabin on a northwoods lake. In Time on the Water, he tells the rest of the story, a humorous but determined quest for Moby Musky."

"Paperback - One man's quest for the ultimate Musky - A "rip-roarin'account of Gardner's 200 days in pursuit of the ultimate musky. Anyone who's ever sent a jerk bait flying in the direction of one of them freshwater hawgs, read it and weep."