Lazy Ike IKL3RS Red Spot Color New on Card

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Lazy Ike IKL2RS Red Spot Color New on Card.  About 3" long.  Card and lure are new. These haven't been made in several years and are becoming very difficult to find.  Grab some of these for your tackle box or collection.  Of the all-time greatest lures ever made.  Cast or troll you can't go wrong with a Lazy Ike!

The original Lazy Ike has caught more fish than just about any lure around. The Lazy Ike, has an erratic wobbling action that gamefish can’t resist. Many walleye fishermen caught their first limits with a Lazy Ike and a nightcrawler on the front treble hooks.  The lazy, wobbling action of the Ike makes it a target for any gamefish. The Ike is designed for spinning/spincast or light baitcasting and can be either cast or trolled.

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