Chautauqua Custom Deepster in Spotted Hogsucker Color

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Chautauqua Custom Deepster in Spotted Hogsucker Color.  The latest creation from the artist at Chautauqua, the Deepster.  Each lure is hand made, crafted and tank tested.  Measure about 2 1/2" long body.  Each lure hand painted.  Artist initials on each lure.  Truly a work of art but equally fine to fish.  Like stepping back in time to what fishing lures used to be.  These are not expected to last long so grab them while you can.  

Modeled after the classic Creek Chub Deepster these lures are meant to catch fish but certainly are collectible in their own right.  The closest thing you will find today to the those old classics of yesteryear.

(Hook tubing for safety during shipping.  Please remove prior to fishing.)

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